Commissioning Art is Easy

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Choose your size
I like to start off with 18 by 24. Other sizes can be used to compliment your decor or needs. Custom sizes are available as small or as large as you like. I can work with whatever your needs are.
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Choose your color scheme
I like to keep my colors bright, but it may not necessarily match the mood your are looking for in your commissioned work. It could be that you just want colors to match your couch.
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Choose your symbols
Lastly ; and the most important : I need your symbols. What are you trying to get across and what is symbolic to you? Most of my commissioned works have a story behind them. Tell me yours.
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Your Arts Desire for Everyone

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8x10 small commission original work for $59.00 is one option just contact me : ) if you need custom sizes
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med to large

Med-Large Commission's are No Problem; to start a commission just contact me
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Have more questions?

Watch the video below on commissions or choose from any of my videos on the playlist for more information. You can also email me to set up a consultation.

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Common Commissioned Art Styles

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Commissions are for Like Minds:

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Commission 1 Time Lapse

Jessilyn paints Shades of Glory Goes to blog post
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Commission 2 Time Lapse

Jessilyn paints Shadow Dancer can create blog post
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Commission 3 Time Lapse

Jessilyn paints Symphony of the Soul can create blog
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